[DIY] bookmark and Card for Mom

I’ve been stuck on the never ending workloads, stressful, can’t go out of my routine and sneak out to visit the trees, not even touch the paper. until my friend came to me and asked for a bookmark for his book and his special request was, no ‘love’ character, PLEASE. I plan to do it later, when I look into the paper in my desk and I began to feel something was missing from my heart. so I decide to grab that paper right away and start make something.

Bookmark ( I made two, for my self and my friend. he ended up picked the green one with the balloons and bird)



Card for my mom, Mother’s day in Indonesia is months away, I didn’t mean to make the Mother Day’s card at first, but when I made it that night, my mom is the only person I could ever think of. So, I decide to write ‘Best Mom’ and decide to give it to her when mother day come, along with the present heheheheeeee…

Best Mom

Best Mom


[DIY] Greeting card with Crochet Flowers

crochet flower card

crochet flower card

After made the previous greeting card with two crocheted flowers and take a closer look to Jared and Amber‘s Blog, their card simplicity’ inspire me to make this card. I hope they don’t mind.

So, in this card I’ll used crochet flower instead of paper… Continue reading

[DIY] Greeting Card No. 2

See… I can’t stop. as long as there is paper lying somewhere around me, my hand will always touch them and you can tell what happen next, I’ll make them into quilling paper or card. sigh…. so I decide to say ‘no’ when my sister ask me to go out stock up some papers again when she saw I almost out of paper… no…. not before I finish some of my teacher things to do. I am going to be a busy woman this week but I know, I know for sure that I-my hand- will sneak out and touch that paper again.

and again, I make a card and re-edit the other card ,the firs card is a combination of paper and my other favorite things to do ……. crocheting. so here in this card I made a crochet flower along with the card. 😀

Eternally - Crochet flower

Eternally – Crochet flower

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