Here is the next session of HTML class….

  1. Text Formatting Tag
    <TAG> Fungsi
    <B>, <Strong> Bold
    <U> Underline
    <I> Italic
    <Del>, <S> Strike Trough
    <Big> * Enlarge text size
    <Small> * Minimize Text Size
    <blink> Blinking text
    <center> Center text
    <comment>, <!– … –> Giving comments
    <dfn> mark on a term
    <kbd> Identifies keystrokes
    <q> quote, non block structure
    <span> = <div> tag
    <sub> Subscript
    <sup> Superscript

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The-following-week-topic after the previous Internet Technology topic (although it was a failure class due to black out in some classes including mine, so the class dismissed earlier than it should be)

stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, is a format that tells the computer how to display a web pages. the document itself is a plain text files (ASCII) with a special TAGS or code that the browser knows how to interpret and display in a computer’s browser. HTML is a collection of tags, and as a matter of that, HTML consist of two elements there are TAGS and TAG’S ATTRIBUTES. so, HTML isn’t a programming language, but just the markup language and it makes HTML doesn’t have any variable, any algorithm or such things that belongs to programming language. Remember, HTML just a plain files that able to tell the browser what the browser suppose to display. He is good at telling other people what they suppose to do. 😀

As I mention above that two basic-most-important elements of HTML are TAGS and ATTRIBUTES. so let discuss each element.
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