[crochet] So, I’m in love

The title is slightly deviated, because technically it’s not just about crochet, I wanna talk a bit about her sister,her name is ‘Knitting’. Do you know why I love crochet more than knitting, I knoooowww they are sisters, but, Knitting seems so complicated to me, beside the tutorial is a little bit hard to follow, so, never tried to know her(knitting) better ever since . But, I didn’t know how my fingers start to type knitting-how-to on youtube search box couple days ago and -voila- dozens ofย  video came up. And I thought I had to change my mind right away, becaaaause that was soo fun to watch. and an angel was whispering in my ear, gave me an idea. Then I tried to grab my memories of ‘how do I get the knitting equipment around,right away,and at the very-very-very reasonable prices (hahahahaaa)’. Went on http://benangrajutq.com/ and pick couple of items, knitting-bamboo-needle, 4 brown-Bulky Yarns that has supper soft texture (I thought it was black-gray but turn out to be brown), and 3 yellow-lace yarn. and it cost me only IDR. 108.000 or USD. 11 (including the shipping cost to my office), I love very-very-very reasonable price.. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

Here they are…

Camera 360