A Woman in the cave is sneaking into society

I missed lots of events to be posted on my blog posts. I missed my little A’s birthday. missed my wedding anniv. my birth day and Big A’s birthday…. and of course I missed my current bussiness progress.

the truth is that the progress of my crochet bussiness is overwhelming for both of my hands hehe. I couldn’t take a single seconds flip of my hands. and the piles of orders keep my hands busy. so I have to manage time wisely. I am the only person who runs my own company (wkwkwk… the words company sounds toooo good, but hope so) I am the one who take the order, who do the order, and I also do the marketing job and publication. I am the photographer, I am the writter, literally I am the ‘everything’ in my company. I don’t have a time to post. to update status on my facebook account as often as before, just a glance on recipe posts and FB’s feed 10 minutes before I fell asleep. that in my case fell asleep beautifuly every night is a rare ocation, because I used to wake up with hook still in my hand and yarn was all over my body… so, for the past 2-3 months, sleeping 8 hours a day is a luxury I cannot afford. and I start to realize that if I keep this habbit I will not make to my 50th birthday. hahahaa.. but I do want to expand this bussiness. so I am recruiting a crocheter. but finding a person who crochet the way we do is not easy. because it’s personal. and it’s in my brand…. (oh gosh I am talking about brand. who am I??? Robert Kiyosaki??? hahahaha) but I’ll find a way.

all in all, I am trying to survive now, survive the obstacles to reach my big dreams. and it’s hectic, time and energy consuming, but i will survive, somehow with the help of God. I might not be able to post as much as I did, but I’ll make my time to keep up…


[quote] Alanda Kariza’s Manifesto

I put her great manifesto here as a reminder for me. it is an inspiring note.

Feelings are often real. But the words we use to express them, most of the time, are illusory. So, carefully think about the words we choose to use. Never say “I love you” just to create an illusion of feelings, nor to make our counterpart love us. The worst of “I love you”s are those that are not wholeheartedly said. Therefore, when you say it; make sure you mean it.

Being young is not only about leaving a mark in the world. It is also about letting the world leaves a mark within us. May it be through an event, or even more, through a person. So go. Fall in love, make mistakes, break your heart, and probably start over.

There is no such thing as “unrequited feeling”. However, perhaps, the level of requital that we get might be higher or lower than our expectations. (Perhaps it’s best not to expect anything at all, and let it be a surprise. Let life surprises you.)

When God takes away something you (thought you) have, usually you are going to get something better. However, be grateful of what you have at the moment. Keep it. Protect it. Or you might end up losing something that matters the most in your life. (And try not to regret when that happens, especially when you have failed in protecting it. Let it wander to a better place, a place that would keep it safe.)

Never fall in love in your sleep. What usually comes as a dream might suddenly show up as a nightmare. Since then, your sleeps and naps would never be the same anymore. Be in love while you are awake. Be in love knowing the risks you take, the ‘dangers’ you will face. Be in love with a person, not the idea of him/her that you have projected yourself. Be in love with a person, not the idea of him/her that he/she tries to project for you to believe in.

(Always) believe that there is probably a person out there who deserves to get the best of you. (You might meet him/her soon).

The only person in the world who could make you happy is yourself. Before others. (I usually compliment myself with ice creams too, though. Ice creams make me really happy.)

Most of the time, feeling exhausted also means that you have not make your life wasted for nothing. Keep going.

The worst feeling that you could ever possess to someone is the feeling of possessing him/her, as if that person is completely yours. Because you could never, ever “own” a person. You could only be happy when the person you choose to be with also chooses to be with you.

Words might hurt you, but words shouldn’t. (this one’s courtesy of Adriano Qalbi)

Last, but not least,

Be happy. Because you only need yourself to be happy, and because you can. Allow yourself to be happy. With or without someone else. Isn’t it such a great feeling to realise that we can be happy on our own? As soon as we have allowed ourselves to be happy on our own, then we can be happy with another person.

-by Alanda Kariza