[book][review] Robert Langdon Series by Dan Brown

I’d Read four series of Robert Langdon, a professor, a symbologist who solved murder, life threatening, or tend to be human populations annihilation cases. Years ago I just had my eyes on ‘The Da Vinci Code’ because it has Monalisa Pictures in it… hahahahaaaa but, compared to the other books I want to bought at that moment I put that aside to my forever wish list and choose to bought another book instead. and then came the destined  day where I could get 3 Books in an instant and Free… Yes, Free. No single coin on my side. at all. These books are The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbols and Inferno. and then I bought that meant to be the first book, Angel and Demon when it showed up in a book store in town. So, Here is the review… (I already put my subjective review on Goodreads hehehee… )

#1 Angel and Demon

This book meant to be the first book before The Da Vinci Code, but turn out to be the last book I have in my shelf. Robert Langdon being summoned by the director of CERN due to the murder of one of his best scientist on the facility that left no trail but the stamp of Illuminati (which is believed to have been lost for centuries) and a quarter grams of anti matter known was missing from the facility (which is believed it has the power like a nuclear weapon and will blow up a whole city less than 24 hours if it isn’t find anywhere soon). Soon, they discover that the antimatter was lie somewhere in Vatican, which at the same time held their selecting-new-pope ceremony. Robert Langdon and Vittoria (a daughter of a murdered scientist and a responsible for the creation of the antimatter) flew to Vatican right away to save the day. When they finally arrive at Vatican, another tragedy was occurring. The four Preferiti, the main candidates for the next Pope, found missing. and for the night their dead body was found one by one at different churches which is related to Illuminati signs and symbols. All the tragedy was trying to frame CERN, on the ancient war between religions and science.

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[book][review] Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops

The Rainbow Troops

Author : Andrea Hirata
If someone ask me what is my Most Inspiring Book, that gave birth to my wildest dream ever since I red the book is, Edensor. the third book of Rainbow troops Quartet. I overwhelmed. It moves me. I was a girl without a dream back then. I was a girl who move when my parents asked me to move. I will force my self to meet their expectation, and curse my self as I failed. I lived like that years ago. It wasn’t like that I hate that, just… I wanna live for myself, for my own heart. not another people smile even if they just want the best for me. And From this point onwards I will give a review about those 4 books in Rainbow Troops Quartet (in Indonesia : Tetralogi Laskar Pelangi). Start with the First Book, The Rainbow Troops. Continue reading

[book] [review] PERAHU KERTAS (PAPER BOAT)

Yaay,, this is my first book review. I love books, I have a lot of them stock up in my house. but rather than review all of them I will review my favorite books I’ve read recently instead.


Once upon a time there was a girl name Kugy who used to float a paper boat from the every river she met around her house. she believes that she is a Neptune’s agent and she has a secret purposes and mission from Neptune by being born on this earth. And the only way to communicate to her boss (which is Neptune – she thinks) she start to float every paper boat she made, to inform the great Neptune what she finds and she plans. And as we all know -and Kugy knows-  The Great Neptune never giving a reply, but she still believes. And she is weird yet cute and a talented story teller, I must say. ^^
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