[story] Political Party gone mad??

It’s not that I list myself as a person who concern about political party that I never did before, neither I want to join into one. Any Political things (for me) sounds so dirty, sneaky, and full of lies. I believe that political party is a collection of peoples who thirst of fame, wealth and power to control what’s beneath them (support any party they belongs to and kill the others), gathering together to oppress civilians, take their money and they don’t give a damn about their life. they didn’t even care,  is the civilians well educated??? or life healthy??? do they have something to eat??? do they have home to come???

I used to be someone who ignore anything related to political things, to put it straight, I didn’t even use my election right in any ( for me Any means all, whole, everything ) election event held in my neighborhood. I just had enough with their bullshit, and I don’t wanna be fooled by them and break my own heart if they disappointing me.

But, that kind of ‘bad’ political things lately gone mad. soooo mad, to the point of it’s not just unhealthy and -ironically- crazy and stupid it’s a lot more critical to get rid of them all… hahahahahaa (extreme). I used to see how they took money that should be given to the civilians. lots of lack-of-nutrition-baby and kids. hundreds of children out there have to give up their dreams of high education because they didn’t have money to pay. and I used to see that they keep doing ridiculous things like having an affair with women, sleep during parliamentary session, were fighting Continue reading