[IT] How to search on Google

Two days ago I became one of the speakers on “Indonesia Awan Pengetahuan” workshop with another 4 speakers ( Mr. Wawan, Mr. Syawal, Mr. Sumarli, and Mr. Sukisno). The purpose of the workshop is to educate teachers of all level about basic computer, internet, mind mapping, and office. And show them how to optimizing all the resources they’ve learned to build a strong and powerful subject for the students.

This article supposed to be delivered on the workshop, but because of several problems, this idea was slightly missing on the list. hahahahahaaaaa…… so I’ll post it here instead.

Basically, we can search on Google by type down our keywords. just any words. but it will make the range become too wide and less specific to what we want to. so here is the code or we can call it google cheat sheet to make search on google hit the point on what we want to find :


  1. AND ( + ) : To search over something that contains both/or more keywords that connected by this Operator :
    Example :
    waffle+recipe, waffle AND recipe

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[tutorial] Fungsi Terbilang Ms. Excel

Disamping formula – formula built-in yang memang sudah ada di excel, kita juga bisa membuat fungsi tambahan dengan menggunakan Macro. berikut ini adalah tutorial untuk merubah angka menjadi huruf terbilang dari angka yang di maksud. Untuk menggunakan fungsi terbilang ini terlebih dahulu anda download file macro (add-in) yang akan membantu kita menggunakan fungsi terbilang.

[Download add-in terbilang]

[Download Contoh file Kuitansi]

[Download tutorial Fungsi Terbilang (word)]

Untuk Microsoft Office Excel 2007 :

  1. Buka Excel Anda
  2. Klik Office Button (tombol yang bulat di pojok kiri atas ) pilih Excel Options
    Gambar 1

    Gambar 1


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[tutorial] How to Insert a Youtube Video in your Blog Post

This is a tutorial request from my student in Vocational high school, how to insert a video in your Blog Post. It’s suppppper easy you know, you don’t need to sweat yourself. It doesn’t even take 5 minutes (depending on your internet connection theheeeeeee.

So here you go,

  1. Step, Open your Post in a text mode ( I gave you an example of my post titled ‘[quilling paper] Flower‘)

    Open the Post

    Open the Post

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[tutorial] Installing WordPress on Local PC

This is a Practicum subject for the Previous lecture. It surprise me at the first when the students didn’t know about the local web, but then I think it’s understandable, they are the first semester guy. hehheheeee…

Well, guys. WordPress is one of many existing CMS (Content Management System) applications and this is a dynamic website type, means that if we want to install it, we need several application.

  1. Web server and MySQL (I -always- use XAMPP 1.7.3, Apache and MySQL make a great couple 😀 )
  2. WordPress Application, you can download the latest Version Here

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[tutorial] strip table with PHP

Table comes in various styles, and the striped style is the most popular among them, normally when you make the table with pure HTML’s tags you could write the style down with CSS for each row. The idea is how to make the row’s background change dynamically according to the row. the odd rows has a different background color with the even one. Because we gonna make it from PHP code.
to make table above, first we have to define the color you’ll use. for example you will make a gray-white strip. so for gray we will use #EEEEEE color’s code and for white one, we just need to write ‘white’ or you can use code ‘#FFFFFF’. As we both know that table has both odd and even rows, so the plan is to make the odd rows has white background and the even one has the gray background. well, how do we know which one is even and which one is odd???? good question because we all know that PHP has modulus arithmetic operator ‘%’ .
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