Soal terdiri dari 4 Modul, Masing – Masing modul dikerjakan secara terpisah, bukan tugas proyek/buat produk. Jika masing – masing soal telah di kerjakan silahkan hubungi saya untuk seleksi lebih lanjut, 2 siswa yang beruntung akan dapat beasiswa untuk mengikuti pelatihan Framework di GMT.


ごめん, 兄

Dear You, my best Friend, One of my Best supporter ever, my alien partner, my mirror

I am sorry it didn’t end well, I am sorry. Just let you know that I never hate you. never. it was my fault. my ego was over my head. I am sorry the last thing you remember about me was anger. and lots…lots of tears. I am sorry for being a burden. for being soo childish. it’s me. it’s always me who mess around. other than my own family I don’t really have a best friend I can trust for long period of time. because when I happen to meet one, I messed up.

and thank you, thank you for everything. a gratitude that word couldn’t explain, you taught me lots of things. that patience will beat -even- a heart made of steel.
I know there is no way you’ll read this, I know. it’s okay. I hope there is a day I could tell you in person, how sorry I am.
maybe when you read this message and forgive me. it good enough for me.

Huge things for the big minds

Words can do 'that' much

I always said that I have dreams.. Dreams I want to pursue since I graduated from college. Before that, I didn’t even have a courage to think that I will make my way to college because of our economic issues. But, Luckily I have a broaden minded Mom. She never give up on me. on our condition. She said that economic never been our issues when it comes to education. I never late to pay my school fees by the way, despite the reality that on the other hand we have to manage our money tightly on clothes, house, food etc.

But since I got a scholarship to continue my study to university. I learn to dream BIG. I learn that we are able to reach anything… anything at all as long as we fight for it and pray.

I want to reach every corner of the galaxy..heheheee my galaxy name…

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A Woman in the cave is sneaking into society

I missed lots of events to be posted on my blog posts. I missed my little A’s birthday. missed my wedding anniv. my birth day and Big A’s birthday…. and of course I missed my current bussiness progress.

the truth is that the progress of my crochet bussiness is overwhelming for both of my hands hehe. I couldn’t take a single seconds flip of my hands. and the piles of orders keep my hands busy. so I have to manage time wisely. I am the only person who runs my own company (wkwkwk… the words company sounds toooo good, but hope so) I am the one who take the order, who do the order, and I also do the marketing job and publication. I am the photographer, I am the writter, literally I am the ‘everything’ in my company. I don’t have a time to post. to update status on my facebook account as often as before, just a glance on recipe posts and FB’s feed 10 minutes before I fell asleep. that in my case fell asleep beautifuly every night is a rare ocation, because I used to wake up with hook still in my hand and yarn was all over my body… so, for the past 2-3 months, sleeping 8 hours a day is a luxury I cannot afford. and I start to realize that if I keep this habbit I will not make to my 50th birthday. hahahaa.. but I do want to expand this bussiness. so I am recruiting a crocheter. but finding a person who crochet the way we do is not easy. because it’s personal. and it’s in my brand…. (oh gosh I am talking about brand. who am I??? Robert Kiyosaki??? hahahaha) but I’ll find a way.

all in all, I am trying to survive now, survive the obstacles to reach my big dreams. and it’s hectic, time and energy consuming, but i will survive, somehow with the help of God. I might not be able to post as much as I did, but I’ll make my time to keep up…